User Agreement

1 General Provisions.
2 Terms and definitions
3 The order of use of the Site
4 Intellectual property
5 Site and Administration
6 Messages
7 Terms of paid services
8 User Guarantees
9 Responsibility
10 Modification and termination of the Agreement
11 Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
12 Final Provisions

1 General Provisions

1.1 The site placing this User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement), is a dating service and is a system that allows users to communicate and make acquaintance.
1.2 This site is managed by the Site Administration (hereinafter - Administration).
1.3 This Agreement defines the rules for use of the Site, how it is used and it is a contract of adhesion in the sense defined st.428 Part 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
1.4 This Agreement shall apply to all methods of use of the Site, any information posted on the site by Users and the Site Administration.
1.5 This Agreement shall apply to all messages of Users of the Site and the Site Administration, e-mails, any services provided by the Site.
1.6 Using the Site, the User accepts this Agreement, thereby reaffirming its acceptance of all the provisions of this Agreement, the rules of use as set out in the Agreement, and undertakes to use the Site only in the manner specified by the Agreement.
1.7 Using the Site, the User confirms that he is more than 18 years old and that he has full legal capacity under the laws of the country to which he belongs (a citizenship or nationality).
1.8 If the user does not agree with this Agreement, he may not use the Site, is not allowed to post messages or in any other way to carry out activities related to the use of the Site.
1.9 Using the Site, the User confirms that he has the necessary technical equipment, software, e-mail and Internet access to use the Site.
1.10 Using the Site, the User accepts and agrees that the Site Administration does not bear, and can not bear responsibility for the Site compatibility with hardware and system software of users.
1.11 Using the Site and accepting this Agreement, you are a user of the Site in the sense defined p. 2.4 of this Agreement.
1.12 The adoption of conditions of the Agreement shall be effected by affixing the mark "I agree" in the implementation of online registration.
1.13 Accepting User Agreement, the User agrees to the Privacy Policy (Appendix №1 to the Agreement), and gives its consent to the processing of personal data in the manner determined by the Privacy Policy.
1.14 By accepting this Agreement and using the Site, the User confirms that he acts on his own behalf and is solely responsible for all acts committed with the use of his personal pages, registration data, login and password, as for his own.

2 Terms and definitions

2.1 Website — Site, located at the following Internet address:
2.2 Agreement — This Agreement, together with all amendments, additions, annexes and protocols thereto, determines the policy of the site, establishing the rights and obligations of the Parties to the Agreement and binding the User, the Administration and the Site owner.
2.3 Administration — Site management body responsible for monitoring compliance with this Agreement.
2.4 User is a capable person, acceded to the Agreement, registered and using the site under the conditions defined by the Agreement.
2.5 Terms of use — the order of use of the Site, the list of permitted and prohibited actions of the User, as well as other matters relating to the Agreement, its terms and the order of execution, as well as block regulatory statutes included in the Agreement and which is an integral part of it.
2.6 Additional service — a service provided for a fee in the manner and subject to the conditions set out in Article 7 of the Agreement, as well as stated on the website in the relevant section, and represents an opportunity to gain access to additional features of the Site.
2.7 Privacy Policy — a policy regarding the procedure of collecting the personal data of Users, storage and transmission set out in Appendix №1 to the Agreement and which is an integral part of the Agreement.
2.8 Registration — procedure for transferring user information about himself as well as his personal data needed by Site Administration to provide access to the Site. A detailed procedure for registration is established by the Administration taking into account the technical characteristics and features of the site.
2.9 Authorization — the procedure of entry of the name / password on the Site, aimed at the identification of the person to log in as a particular user of the site and necessary for the use of the website. User is obliged to be authorized each time he visits the Site to use its features. A detailed procedure for the authorization is set by the Administration of the Site in view of its technical capabilities.
2.10 Pre-moderation — a procedure pre-checking the information from the user, and material posted by Users and the Administration on the Website for compliance with the Rules of use of the Site and this Agreement.

3 The order of use of the Site

3.1 The site is intended to be used solely for personal non-commercial purposes. User is obliged to use the Website for the purpose intended and in the manner determined by the Agreement.
3.2 User may not transfer his right to use the Site to third parties under any circumstances, and has no right to disclose information about his login and / or password to the specific individuals and the general public.
3.3 To get access to the Site and to use it you need to register on the Site. Passage of registration may include
3.3.1 An indication of personal data: name, date of birth, passport information, country , mobile phone, e-mail addresses and other data requested by the Administration;
3.3.2 The formation of a pair of username / password;
3.3.3 Confirmation of reaching the age equal to or greater than 18 years, as well as the adoption and acceptance of the terms of this User Agreement and Privacy Policy (Appendix №1), as well as conditions and procedure of personal data processing;
3.3.4 User authentication by the photos provided by the User;
3.3.5 Authorization of data.
3.4 After registration the User fully accepts the terms of this Agreement, shall act in accordance with its terms. Regardless of who carried out the action, using his name / password will be considered as acts committed by the User.
3.4.1 All terms of this Agreement shall apply to persons who visited the site, regardless of the registration procedure each time visiting the Site.
3.5 After registration a person becomes a User of the Site in the sense defined by this Agreement.
3.6 After the registration, the user receives a unique pair login / password providing access to the Site and its services. User undertakes under no circumstances to report a login / password to third parties and is solely responsible for the acts committed with the use of his username and / or password.
3.7 Registration passage may include a verification process using hardware resources and technical means of the site to identify the user as a particular person.
3.8 Registering, the user will automatically confirm the accuracy of these data and it takes all the associated risks.
3.9 The User agrees not to use the Site for:
3.9.1 The implementation of business objectives and business activities.
3.9.2 Mass mailing messages, emails, and use for this purpose the information obtained on the site.
3.9.3 Making transactions — commercial and non-commercial — with other users, without the prior consent of the Administration, as well as proposals to other Users to transact, transfer goods, carry out works, render services.
3.9.4 Advertising of goods and services, fulfillment of the offer, prompting the user to perform any actions in favor of third parties.
3.10 When using the Site it is prohibited:
3.10.1 Violation of intellectual property rights of the owners of the Site Administration, and of third parties :
3.10.2 Distribution of messages containing malicious objects, computer viruses, their analogs, Trojans, logic bombs, and other malware, and data.
3.10.3 Sending messages and disseminate information containing insults, aggression, defamation, discrimination, incitement to violence, obscenity, hatred or racism, as well as anything that might be interpreted as such.
3.10.4 The incitement of national hatred, incitement to terrorism and violence.
3.10.5 Calls for the ill-treatment or acts violating human dignity, against anyone regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, physical appearance, physical and intellectual capacities.
3.10.6 Addressing any statements against persons under 18 years of age or actions aimed at the organization of contacts and / or meetings with persons under 18 years of age, or can be the cause of acquaintance and / or meetings.
3.10.7 Distribution of any prohibited materials, publication of links to illegal sites, or sites, and any other information material, containing the information specified in paragraphs 3.3-3.4 of the Agreement.
3.10.8 Committing actions that have the purpose or can cause damage to the Site, the Site Administration or its owners.
3.10.9 Committing any action intended or likely to be the consequence of violations of civil, criminal, administrative law, and calls for such actions, their provocation and propaganda.
3.11 Site Administration reserves and separately stipulates their right, if someone from the Administration staff becomes aware of the commission of a user action specified in p.3.10 Agreement, to transfer the information on such activities and the personal data of users associated with such actions, to competent public authorities.
3.12 Allowed to use the Site only in accordance with RF law and the Articles of Agreement "Applicable Law".
3.13 It is forbidden to use the software and hardware designed to automate the process of using the Site and any software except Internet browsers.
3.14 The administration has the right, with the imposition of prior notice or not, at any time to block user access to the Site, regardless of his or her consent and / or the presence of any violations of the Agreement, without giving any reason. At the same time paid services specified in Art. 7 of the Agreement will be considered to be rendered efficiently and in full.
3.15 The administration has the right to store and process user's personal data in accordance with Privacy Policy, and get access to the personal page of the User on the Site, its incoming and outgoing e-mails, photos, etc. without obtaining the prior consent of the User.
3.16 The administration has the right to remove at any time any information or materials posted by the User without his consent and without giving explanation.
3.17 The administration has the right to restrict user access to the Site in whole or in part.
3.18 Placement of photos representing exceptionally the User is allowed. All photos posted by the User on the Site, will be moderated by the Administration, and the Administration reserves the right to remove any, including all photographs without explanation.
3.19 Administration has the right to set limits on the amount and composition of the users' information materials, as well as to introduce other technical restrictions on the use of the Site and from time to time be communicated to the users in the form and method convenient for the administration.
3.20 By placing the photo materials on the Site, the user provides the Site Administration, and Site owners unlimited right to use them in the manner determined by Article 4 of the Agreement.

4 Intellectual property

4.1 This site is intellectual property.
4.2 By accepting this Agreement, the User donates the Administration and Site owners the right (simple non-exclusive license) to use any information and data posted by the User on the Website for any purpose, including commercial purposes.
4.3 The right specified in paragraph 4.2 of the Agreement is provided to the Administration and the owners of the Site with the addition of information by the user and the information specified in paragraph 4.2 of the Agreement, for the duration of the exclusive rights to objects of intellectual property, or protection of the moral rights on these materials for use in the all over the world.
4.4 As part of providing a simple non-exclusive license permits the use of these materials by the following method, however, is not limited to:
4.4.1 Reproduce materials, i.e. to make the production of one or more copies of the materials in any form, as well as their entry into the electronic memory of the device (right of reproduction).
4.4.2 Distribute copies of the materials, i.e. provide access to the materials reproduced in any form, including the network, and in other ways, as well as by sale, rental, lease, loan provision, including imports for any of these purposes. (Right of Distribution).
4.4.3 Publicly display material (right of public display).
4.4.4 Publicly perform material (right of public performance).
4.4.5 Notify materials in such a way that any person may have access to it in an interactive mode from any place at any time of their own choosing (Right of communication to the public).
4.4.6 Modify materials, i.e. adaptation or other transformation of materials, including the translation of materials from one language to another (right of adaptation).
4.4.7 To assign all or part of the rights obtained to a third party (the right to sublicense).
4.5 All software, design, patents, any rights to any intellectual property objects or any part thereof (hereinafter — Intellectual Property Rights) displayed on the Site, belong to the owners of the Site or they are used by the owners of the Site pursuant to agreements with the owners and, unless otherwise stated , assigned to the owners of the Site.
4.6 It is prohibited to hack, distribute, modify, transmit, copy the Site and the information it contains for any purpose other than the purposes specified in this Agreement.
4.7 It is forbidden to use intellectual property without the prior written consent of the Administration of the Site and / or its owners.
4.8 It is forbidden to place links to any internet resources without the prior written consent of the Administration of the Site and / or its owners.
4.9 The user consents to the use of his image for any purposes under this Agreement, at no charge, if such an image will be posted on the Site by the User.

5 Site and administration

5.1 Access to third-party websites, links to which are placed on the site, is at the user's own risk and at its discretion, and the Administration does not bear any responsibility for their contents.
5.2 If the user suspects that his password has become known to third parties, the User must take immediate steps to obtain a new password on the website, because only user bears full responsibility for acts committed with the use of his login and / or password.
5.3 The administration has the right to messages send to users, including with the use of technical means and software designed for automatic sending of such messages. The user agrees with sending him such messages.
5.4 The administration does not bear any responsibility for access to the Site if it is limited by the provider of the User, or by the public authority of the country of the User etc.

6 Messages

6.1 As a general rule, the Site and Administration engaged in the transmission, storage, processing, transfer and other actions with messages of third parties without their selection or alteration of their content.
6.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 6.1 of the Agreement, the Administration reserves the right to pre-moderation of any data posted by Users, including, but not limited to messages, graphics, photos, videos, audio materials.
6.3 At the same time, regardless of the pre-moderation, the Administration is not obliged to check each message, content, their compliance with the rules, evaluate them or their constituent materials.
6.4 The opinions expressed in messages by other users, are those of the authors. Administration is not responsible for the comments, views, , and any other statements reflected in the messages.
6.5 The administration pays attention to the fact that he is not and can not under any circumstances be a guarantee of the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in the message, and the Site shall not be and can not be held liable for damages or losses caused to the user by anyone as a result of inaccuracies or unreliable information.
6.6 The user has the right to file a complaint to the information contained in a message addressed to the Administration.
6.6.1 The administration reserves the right to leave the complaint of the User without consideration without giving any reason.
6.7 The user assumes all risks associated with the adoption of the information contained in the message, as a reliable, accurate and correct.
6.8 The administration has the right at any time to remove any message posted on the Site, regardless of whether violations of this Agreement occured.
6.9 The administration has the right to edit messages in whole or in part without the prior consent of the User.
6.10 In the case of moderated posts, as well as any other data of the user, the Administration does not bear any responsibility for the delay of their delivery to the addressee
6.11 The exchange of messages containing information and data that are prohibited by this Agreement is prohibited.
6.12 Using the Site, the User must take reasonable care in evaluating the information and data provided by other Users, for their accuracy and reliability.
6.13 The user must understand that the information and data contained on the website are posted by other Users and may be inaccurate, unreliable, or have illegal content. The administration does not bear any responsibility for the actions of such Members.

7 Terms of paid services

7.1 In addition to the free services provided by the Administration on the Site, the User can also take advantage of additional services that are not free.
7.2 Terms of access to additional services, cost of services, the timing of delivery and the procedure for their provision shall be determined unilaterally by the Administration and specified on the website in the relevant section.
7.3 The user is solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the personal data. User agrees that the Administration has the right to request, and he is obliged in this case to provide, subject to the provisions of the Federal Law "On Protection of Personal Data" personal information, including — data on payment details, including his credit or debit payment cards and other means of payment.
7.4 The user can activate additional services each time by himself or choose automatic extension of services.
7.5 Automatic renewal is possible only if there is a positive balance on the account of the User's account (profile, account) on the Site.
7.6 The user can pay for additional services directly, using the payment systems provided by the administration, as well as through the use of virtual currency — the special currency designed to gain access to additional features of the Site.
7.7 Payment for additional services are made through transfer of funds in the relevant section of the Website. The administration is not responsible for the enrollment period and cash conversion.
7.8 In the case of buying virtual currency specified in item 7.6 of the Agreement, after the payment , money will be automatically converted into virtual currency at the exchange rate set by the Administration, which then can be spent by the User for additional opportunities of the Site and for connection of additional services.
7.9 The moment of the provision of additional services is considered to be the time of payment of the service, and in the case of acquisition of virtual currency — the time of conversion of money into virtual currency, in the manner prescribed by the Administration. From that point additional services are rendered in full and in time. Funds are non-refundable, and the Administration does not convert virtual currency into cash .
7.10 Conditions and ways of account replenishment are published on the Site. Payment for additional services, including purchase of virtual currency can be made by transferring funds through the supported payment systems, which are listed on the Site.
7.11 Replenishing the account on the Site, the User agrees to follow the instructions regarding payment. Enrollment of the virtual currency, as well as the connection of additional services can be guaranteed only in the case of following the instructions and the terms of payment. The administration is not responsible for the correctness of the User when following instructions as for the events that are beyond the control of the Administration. For rules and procedures of payment systems, User should refer to the legal entities — holders of these payment systems. Administration is not responsible and is not obliged to compensate the user if the user pays for additional services with violation of the rules set by payment systems.
7.12 Paid services can be provided only after their full payment. The administration has the right not to provide such services or make them available to a limited extent before obtaining confirmation of the payment . The administration does not lend cash, or an internal virtual currency, and does not give credit.
7.13 The User has no right to refuse to get additional services after the payment has done. Return of funds paid for additional services is not possible.
7.14 In the case of blocking the User's account, the money will not be returned as additional services are rendered efficiently and in full at the time referred to in item 7.9 of the Agreement.
7.15 In order to prevent fraud in the implementation of the payment of additional services paid by credit card, Administration can verify the payment. In case of request from the Administration, the User is obliged to provide a copy of the first two pages of his passport and a copy of a credit card on both sides, with the closed card number but the last four digits, as well as other documents requested by the Administration. In case of failure to provide these data during the day, management reserves the right unilaterally to suspend the provision of all the services to ascertain the circumstances.
7.16 User shall bear all costs associated with the transfer of funds, including any fees and commissions.
7.17 User agrees and accepts that the Website and additional services are not gambling, contests and so on, and the payment and the purchase of additional services is the will and desire of the User and is not a prerequisite for use of basic features of the Site.

8 User Guarantees

8.1 By accepting this Agreement, the User confirms and guarantees:
8.2 The user has all necessary rights and authority to enter into the Agreement and use the site.
8.3 Site will be used solely for the purposes permitted by this Agreement, in compliance with its provisions, as well as the requirements of applicable law and generally accepted practices;
8.4 The user will not perform any actions that conflict or interfere with the Site or the relevant equipment, network, or software of the site.
8.5 Using the site for specific purposes does not violate the property and / or moral rights of third parties, as well as prohibitions and restrictions imposed by applicable law, including but not limited to: copyright and related rights, trademark rights, service marks and appellations of origin, the rights to industrial design, the right to use images of people. Provided materials do not contain any information and / or images that offend the honor, dignity and business reputation of individuals advocating violence, pornography, drugs, racial or ethnic hatred, and the user has received all necessary permits from authorized persons in connection with the use of such materials.

9 Responsibility

9.1 Administration provides services based on the principle of "as is". In this regard, the user have no any guarantee that
9.1.1 Website will meet User's requirements; Services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free;
9.1.2 Results that can be obtained with use of the Site will be accurate or reliable;
9.1.3 The quality of any product, service, information and user materials obtained with the use of the Site will meet User's expectations;
9.1.4 All the bugs in the software of the Site will be corrected.
9.2 The responsibility for the content and its compliance with the requirements of the applicable law bears the person who created these materials and / or added it to the Site.
9.3 The administration has nothing to do with the materials provided and / or hosted (including broadcasted) by users on the site, and does not check their compliance with the requirements of applicable law. The Administration does not check the user rights on the use of these materials.
9.4 The administration is only responsible for the provision of services with reasonable care and makes no warranties with respect to the Site and its use.
9.5 Administration is not responsible for any damages caused by viruses or malicious software, if it was a result of visiting the Site.
9.6 Administration is not responsible for the availability, use or disclosure of any information about users, including personal data in the public domain.
9.7 In case of violation of their rights and / or interests in connection with the use of the Site by other Users and / or third parties, the user should inform the Administration. To do this, the user should send a written notice to the Administration detailing the circumstances of the breach, and hypertext links to pages containing content that violates his rights and / or interests.
9.8 In the event of any claims of third parties in respect of breach of any of the property and / or moral rights of third parties, as well as the legislation bans or restrictions, the User is obliged at the request of the Administration to pass a formal identification, indicating the data requested by the administration.
9.9 In the case of imposing penalties on the owners of the Site and Administration in connection with the admitted violations of the User and / or interests of third parties, as well as the legislation bans or restrictions, the User is obliged to fully indemnify the injured parties.
9.10 The user of the Site is solely responsible for any content posted on the Site, messages to other users, as well as for any interactions with other Users.

10 Amendment and Termination

10.1 Agreement (including any of its parts or articles, items, paragraphs) can be changed by the Administration without any notice.
10.2 Changes made by the Administration in accordance with p. 10.1 of the Agreement shall enter into force immediately upon posting to the Site, or from the date of communicating this information to the attention of the User or any other form, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement
10.3 This Agreement may be terminated by either party at its discretion. The administration reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without giving any reason and without notice to user, as well as to block access to the Site.
10.4 In the event of termination of the Agreement, the rights granted by the Parties during the period of its validity, remain with them.
10.5 Administration is not responsible in case of failure to fulfill obligations under the Agreement due to force majeure and beyond the reasonable control of the Parties, including, inter alia, the malfunction of the Internet, fire, hostilities, flood and other natural disasters.
10.6 The administration is not obliged to notify the user of the circumstances referred to in p. 10.5 of the Agreement.

11 Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution.

11.1 It is substantive and procedural law of the Russian Federation that is applicable to relations between the Parties arising out of this Agreement, the rights and obligations under the Agreement, as well as all other issues arising from the implementation of the Agreement.
11.2 The right to enter into this Agreement, is granted to persons over 18 years of age and having legal capacity under the laws of their country affiliation (country, nationality or citizenship they have).
11.3 In case of disputes and disagreements, those will be reviewed and authorized by the Parties through negotiations and / or written communication.
11.4 If the dispute can not be resolved in the complaint procedure established st.10.3 Agreement, the dispute will be considered by the court at the place of the defendant.
11.5 The Parties must undertake all possible efforts to resolve the dispute in the pretrial order.
11.6 Disputes arising between other Users in the process of dialogue on the Site or out of it, are not considered by the Administration, the Administration is not a body empowered to resolve disputes .
11.7 Disputes arising between users, can be dealt with in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation, the relevant competent authority. The Administration does not bear any responsibility for the transfer of disputes between users anywhere whatsoever, including — in court.

12 Final Provisions

12.1 Registered user determines the conditions and procedure for the use of the created account (profile), which, however, under no circumstances can be contrary to this Agreement.
12.2 The user agrees to receive to the specified in his profile e-mail information (hereinafter — the Notice) from the Administration on the important events taking place in the framework of the Site or in connection with it.
12.3 Administration has the right to use notices to inform the user about possibilities of the site and / or the changes of deployed information resources.
12.4 In the event when any provision of the Agreement become inapplicable, such provisions shall apply to the extent possible, most relevant to the parties' agreement and the remaining provisions will remain in force.
12.5 This Agreement constitutes the rules for use of the Site, which will be used instead of any other rules.
12.6 When paid services are connected(see. Article 7 of the Agreement), funds coming to the account on the Site will be treated as payments for such services and, accordingly, written off from the account to pay for them.
12.7 If services are not paid on time, the Administration has the right to terminate access of the User to the Site prior to their full payment.
12.8 The current version of this Agreement is posted on the Site , and is available in the Internet at:
12.9 Appendix №1 «Privacy Policy» is attached to this Agreement, which is an integral part of the Agreement, which is considered to be fully and unconditionally accepted by users with the adoption of the terms of the Agreement.

Privacy Policy

1 Taking agreement, using the Site and / or registering on the Site, you agree to this Appendix № 1 — Privacy Policy, personal information — in full and without any reservations.
2 By submitting your personal data during registration and / or authorization and / or the implementation of other actions related to the Site, you give your full and unconditional agreement to the use of your personal data by the Administration in the manner and under the conditions specified in this Agreement.
3 Accepting the terms of this Agreement, you give a written consent to the automated processing of your personal data provided in order to conclude the agreement on the terms of this Agreement and its subsequent implementation.
4 In the cases permitted by the functionality of the Service, you define the accessibility of your personal data for other Internet users by yourself.
5 You acknowledge and agree that if you host your personal data with the use of the Site means, your personal data is considered public. You also realize that your personal data is considered public domain in cases when the federal law requirements of confidentiality does not apply to it .
6 The administration undertakes to store and process your personal data in accordance with the Federal Law «On Personal Data» and other normative acts of the Russian Federation
7 The Administration may use the information for selection of advertisements of third parties that may be of interest to you.
8 The administration reserves the right to transfer your personal information to law enforcement authorities in the manner prescribed by law, in the event when the Administration is aware of your participation or preparation of acts for which the current legislation of the Russian Federation established criminal, administrative or other punishment .
9 In accordance with the Federal Law «On Personal Data» The administration undertakes to exercise reasonable care to ensure the protection of your personal data submitted to the Administration.